Taxi driver outreach Bible study

When we got there last night, one of the taxi drivers and his wife picked us up at the bus, and took us directly to the home of the Bible study, and then after the Bible study returned us to the bus, and we were on our merry way again.

Worth It

It was a long, exhausting trip – but well worth it! The reception and excitement there was very rewarding.

Our Bible study had to do with “Life vs Death” and what a difference Jesus makes in our lives as Christians. Along with selected verses about Life, emphasizing the importance of choosing life, not death, and how that Jesus is our source is our source of life – we also went through the Equippers booklet called “New Life” together. I also shared some resources with them called “Now that I’m a Christian”, which has helpful follow up instructions. We also shared several “Purpose Driven Life” books, which they seemed delighted with.

One of the taxi drivers and his wife, the mother of the other taxi driver, and another mother of eight children (along with one of her older children) attended. I’m so glad we went!

Great Potential

There is great potential there for ongoing growth and fruitfulness. They want another Bible Study next week, but we planned it for a different time and day, so as not to make such an exhausting Monday, since that is a day we are generally trying to regroup and take a break after busy weekends…

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