Lots of praise, though the battle rages…!

to counsel and pray together, and explain salvation our hearts were filled with joy, as well as challenged with the awesome responsibility of trying to follow up and consolidate them.

36 Ladies

Today at the ladies luncheon several ladies wanted to pray to receive the Lord also, and it was a record attendance of around 36 ladies there at Moriones.

Former Barangay Captain and His Wife

Yesterday one of the workers reports that the past barangay captain and his wife wanted to pray to receive the Lord, as well as are requesting a regular Bible study in their home…

On Its Third Week

Yesterday was the third week for one of the new Bible studies to meet there in Moriones. The first week there were 12 older people, as well as around 20 children or so. The second week there were were 21 older ones, and around 40 children. This week there were 36 older ones and around 60 children!

New Bible Studies

There are new Bible studies opening up, people accepting the Lord, testimonies of healings and answers to prayer, and good things are happening! There’s lots going on! It’s definitely harvest season, and we are doing our best to retain the fruit, and see multiplication for the glory of God!

50 Children

Last week, our 12-year-old daughter Teresa had over 50 children in her mid-week training time at Moriones, and came back with the question… “is there ever such a thing as too many children…”?

She was short on materials and definitely challenged. She also is teaching a weekly children’s training time here in Tarlac City in one of the homes that has had over 20 children attending the last several weeks.

40-50 Youth

Caleb, our 18-year-old son is valiantly working with the youth, and had between 40 and 50 youth at the joint youth gathering last Saturday, that combined youth from Moriones and Tarlac City.

Challenging Situation

They experienced a surprise attack, as Caleb was in the middle of trying to lead the youth in praise and worship, a neighbor lady rudely entered the building and tried to stop them…not just once but twice. So, in order to try to pacify her, they moved the swarm of bodies to a nearby basketball court right in the middle of the service… it was definitely a challenging situation.

Those neighbors belong to one of the major cults here in the Philippines, and her angry outburst seemed definitely devilish. We’re in a spiritual war zone, and it’s nice to know that our God is for us, and able to raise up a protective standard when the enemy tries to stop what the Lord wants to do…

Healing Testimonies

We are excited with recent testimonies of healing, even among the children and youth.


Recently one of the youth was very sick and feverish for quite some time (around 2 weeks)… several of the workers laid hands on him and prayed for his healing, and he immediately began feeling better – broke out in a sweat and the fever broke, became well and he was in school the next day.

Sprained Wrist

In children’s church, a little girl with a sprained wrist asked for prayer. The children prayed for her, and she reported the swelling and pain leaving and that the Lord healed her.

Testimonies Shared

There were many testimonies shared in the services last Sunday and also in Bible studies this week of answers to prayer, and healings… We give the Lord praise and look forward to many more in the days ahead.

Youth Mid-Week Get Together

Caleb just came in tonight with the report that there were around 40 youth just at a mid-week get together there at Moriones, with over 50 children at their training session again…

Girls Bible Study

Charity, our 15 year old daughter also went to help with the children there tonight, and leads a girls Bible study here in Tarlac City that is going very well.

These are definitely exciting days of harvest. Praise God!

New Weekly Bible Study

A new weekly Bible study has opened up clear up in Baguio (around 3 1/2 hours away from here), with amazing hunger and interest being expressed. The men’s groups are progressing.

Facility Update

We are badly needing a new facility. Several Sunday’s ago our house church facility here in Fairlane was sooo packed, and overflowing that last Sunday we started a remote TV showing out in the carport, so as to still be able to make do with the facilities we have, until the Lord provides something better… We are actively pursuing many different leads for other facilities, but nothing is materializing yet.

This gives you a little update and taste of missionary life as it is here in Tarlac right now. Glory to Jesus!

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