Record breaking week!!!

afternoon service in Moriones, 14 people (mostly youth) responded to the invitation to accept Jesus as Lord, and to be counselled regarding salvation during the service.

Ladies Bible Study

In the middle of the week, there was a “Ladies Luncheon/Bible Study” there in Moriones, and 36 ladies were in attendance, which was a record breaker for sure!

It was exciting to hear of 2 more ladies that wanted to pray to receive the Lord at that meeting.

Requesting A Bible Study

On Tues. workers reported leading a man and his wife to the Lord during visitation time, who also are requesting a Bible study in their home.

In Baguio City

One of the young men in training (Bro. Ador) and I went up to Baguio City Friday night to follow up on several taxi drivers that wanted to pray to receive the Lord a few months back… Both taxi drivers attended the Bible study. One was there with his mother, the other with his wife, along with several others… We had a wonderful Bible study together, and some of them are considering joining us for our next Encounter God Retreat scheduled for early Sept.

Then Men’s Breakfast Fellowship

Getting home around 1 a.m. in the morning, and needing to turn around and leave a little after 6 a.m. for our men’s breakfast there at Moriones that morning (Sat) was quite a challenge – but well worth it as we saw 41 men attend (3 of those being youth)! That is by far the best turnout we have had for something like that… a total record breaker!

It was exciting when 6 of them wanted to publicly come forward and be counseled for salvation at the end of the message! We separated them into another place for awhile for counseling and prayer, as a number of the other men gave testimony to the big difference and change Jesus is making in their lives.


One of the exciting testimonies shared that morning was about a man who had been very sick and feverish for around 1 week. Some of our workers prayed for him during a time of visitation Tues., and by the next day, he was back out in the field working!

That man attended the men’s breakfast, and when given the opportunity to pray to receive the Lord, was one of the men who came forward for prayer! Praise God!

Great Things Happening

Today the church services were packed with people both here in Fairlane and Moriones… God is doing great things, and drawing people to himself!

It was exciting this afternoon as the number of Bibles present were counted there in Moriones, like we regularly do, to encourage them to get in the habit of bringing them to the service. There were over 50 Bibles! That was another record breaker…!

We’ve never made it to over 50 Bibles before in one service! Another record breaker this week was when one of the new Bible studies reported around 36 older ones and over 60 children in attendance (this was only the 3rd week they have met)! Between 90 and 100 bodies at a home Bible study?! Wow!!

The combined youth service last Saturday afternoon was a record breaker with between 40 and 50 youth attending… Interest continued this week, as around 40 youth attended the Bible study there in Moriones (they had to split into 2 groups to handle it). The children’s training time that was happening simultaneously in the same facility that night, (with no partitions between them all) was over 50 in attendance again…

We rejoice in the Lord and His marvelous works and answers to prayer! We are experiencing fruitful harvest for the glory of God! May the Lord help us to retain it, that we might see fruit that remains and that continues to multiply in the days ahead.

Amazing Opportunities To Witness

It seems like wherever we go, that the Lord is giving amazing opportunities to witness.

Friday morning, I took our 3 children to the exercise gym to work out for a special outing together with helpful, healthful purpose. However, I couldn’t even manage a full workout, because I met a man there who was also exercising, that became very interested in talking with us about things of the Lord… He ended up coming over to our house a few hours after we got home, with his wife, and visited us. They promised they wanted to attend our Sunday morning service this morning, which they did. Then they came over to house after the service for another hour or so, visiting and getting better acquainted. This couple have amazing potential for the kingdom of God, but seem to be quite the high maintenance type.

Please be praying with us for Jo and Angie Ruiz.

The Gospel Is For The Rich And The Poor

They are very intellectual and educated, and seem to be upper-class successful business people. They are quite different from the poor families that characterize most of our fellowship groups.

The gospel is for the rich and the poor… may the Lord give us wisdom to lead them all to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They have had some religious background, but in the process have become quite disillusioned, and acceptant of many other religions in the process.

May the Lord open their eyes to the truth as the gospel is shared, which is the power of God unto salvation! We hope to be able to report more good progress soon…

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