Snake is dead – smashed its head!

around 15 inches long. It’s head and part of it was already out of sight through the hole, but when we aggravated it by poking another stick at it, it brought it’s head back out and we smashed it good!

God’s Protection

Praise God we are able to give this kind of a report, instead of have to talk about an ugly get-away…

Charity and Teresa had already used the bathroom, brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. When Caleb went in to brush his teeth after them, he noticed movement on the shelf that held the toothpaste near the sink, and sounded the alarm that we needed a stick, that there was a snake in the bathroom… Sure enough, there it was!

There’s A War

We didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare. We needed to quickly round up several sticks, and go to war! The bathroom floor kind of looked like a battlefield when we got through alright!

I’m glad we are all going to be able to sleep a little easier knowing that it is dead, and that it didn’t manage to get away!

Praise the Lord for His protection and help!

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