Harvest continues

will “ADD TO THE CHURCH DAILY”, like is recorded in the book of Acts!

Seeing people want to pray to receive the Lord, and then also getting them added to the church is quite a big challenge! Some of the new ones are coming to the Sunday celebration times, but we have a long ways to go in trying to see new ones in the faith also planted in fellowship groups where they can be nurtured and trained in the ways of God!

Pray To Receive The Lord

Last week, a man by the name of Jo Jo came here to our house for a Bible study with us. Even though attending Catholic mass every week with his family, he wasn’t familiar with the message of salvation, and as we explained it to him, wanted to pray to receive the Lord.

Amazing Book

We also gave him a “Purpose Driven Life” book to read, along with a New Testament in Tagalog. You might be interested in a phone text message we received from him a few days later… we were delighted to hear from him! I’ll share it with you just like we received it, in broken English like it came. “Hi! I read d book u gave right now. I’m so amazing, book a gud 4 everybody. It’s a tool 4 changing direction f life. I feel spiritually transform. Thank you my frend. u sent god 2 me. Bles u always! Regards to Colleen and your co. Realy I feel hapy 4 u. Thanks!”

We look forward to getting back together with Jo Jo for another follow-up Bible study time tomorrow… Thanks for continuing to remember this unending ministry work, and our family in your prayers…

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