Down with idols – Exalt Jesus!

was saying things like, “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic…”

Open Heart

and was deporting himself in a very shameful manner with his family.

Recently he began attending services, and last Sunday told us he now wants to get baptized! Today as we met with him in his home, and shared the importance of not giving place to idols and images, drunkenness, etc., his heart was very open, receptive and appreciative of our time together, as well as enlightened by the Word of God.

We are witnessing an amazing answer to prayer!

Darkness To Light

I also heard an exciting report about when another Bible study had an image (idol) smashing time… Before they were smashed, one of the men said something like, “For how many years we’ve been blind because of these images…!” When asked if he wanted to destroy them he said something like, “YES.. !” (even though they were so very poor, and had over a period of time paid P1000 for them) It’s a joy to see people turned from darkness to light, with a heart to exalt Jesus, the true and living God!

Receiving The Message

Last entry I shared about Jo Jo, and his excitement about receiving the gospel message.

Yesterday, our anticipated time together was blocked, because his wife is angry about what is happening… I’ll share his email message so you can pray with us for the Lord’s wisdom and help regarding this unwelcome persecution he is experiencing right now… “Gud morning bro. U know i’ve a problem w/ my wife, when i share dis things she got mad 2 me. She don’t want me 2 cont. I’m so unlucky! I just continue 2 read d book”

When I responded to his message, sharing that we would like to meet his wife sometime, he wrote..:”A gud idea. I tell it 1st 2 her then txt it 2 u. Not this day, maybe when she can. I don’t want 2 be angry w/ me again. Tnx”

Let’s pray together for breakthrough in Jesus name!

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