15 baptized!

Hear the testimonies given, and to see amazing answers to prayer!

I would like to briefly comment on 3 of the men that were baptized in paricular.

Unique Gestures And Noises

The first is Jason, a deaf-mute that is part of our fellowship group now. He seemed to sincerely want to get baptized. After spending individual time with him after the service this morning, it seemed that he truly had received the Lord into his life, and wanted to be baptized too. I wish you could have heard the spontaneous clapping and expressions of joy in the service this afternoon by everyone, as Jason publicly responded to our questions, with his unique gestures and noises. Then also, it was so rewarding to see how happy he was to be part of the joyful group that were baptized!

Amazing Transformation

The next person I want to share about is a man that not too long ago was openly antagonistic towards the ministry efforts here. His wife would show up in our services from time to time, battered and bruised because of some of his drunken sprees and maltreatment.

Recently, the Lord has touched his heart, and now he is not only eager for fellowship and Bible study but today he was BAPTIZED! HALLELUJAH!

It’s hard to express the gratefulness and joy in my heart this afternoon during the worship service, as I saw him standing there among us, with his hand upraised in worship as we were singing about “offering our lives to Jesus”! What an AMAZING transformation is happening in his life! He is sincerely praying for changes in his life, and seems willing to take some very important steps of obedience to God’s Word right now…

Felt So Free

Another man that got baptized was so enthusiastic! He wanted to be the first one baptized, and came out of the water with a shout, and arms extended towards heaven! Talking with him afterwards, he was overflowing with joy, as he expressed his gratitude for being given new life.

He said he felt so “free”! He said his body felt light, as if the dizziness of his past had been washed down the river! What a joyful time we all had down at the river today…

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