More praying for salvation at Bible studies…

not only have it well attended, but also be able to pray with Arnel Tejada, as he wanted to pray to receive Jesus as Savior at the close! He was also at church Sunday, and had the opportunity at that time, but I thought it especially significant that it was at the Bible study that his heart was deeply touched to make that important decision.

The Family

He has had plenty of time to watch, and think things over, and now has finally made up his mind. He is the 3rd son of deceased Andreas Tejada. Our dear Bro. Andres was the first one of so many now that have wanted to accept Jesus as Savior, there. Now, not only his wife, and 3 of his 4 sons, the wives of 2 of the sons, his daughter, and countless others are born again, and trusting the Lord for salvation! Hallelujah! We rejoice!

Another One

At our workers planning meeting this morning, I heard that another one wanted to pray to receive the Lord at a fairly new Bible study that has opened up at a Dr.’s house, last Fri. eve. It was well attended with around 16 people present.

We praise the Lord for every precious soul that makes a decision to receive the Lord, and pray for the Lord’s gracious help in seeing them get discipled and planted into His special purposes and plans for their lives…

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