More and more praise! These are exciting days!

About the man talked about in the Aug.18 & 25 journal entries.

Let’s Trust The Lord Together

It has been an absolute delight to see his growth in faith, and the important life changes that are happening. The eager attitude and excited way he attended church service last Sunday really blessed me! Now instead of persecuting his wife about her faith, he is the one who is trying to encourage her in her faith. Instead of nag, he wants her to trust the Lord with him now, because they have committed it all to Him…

Differences Jesus Makes In Our Lives

At the Bible study we had with him in the middle of the week, he was extremely interested and expressed great appreciation for it. At the close of our time together, he said they were wonderful words, and the topic was very interesting. I was amazed, because some of the things that we talked about were nitty-gritty type things, like breaking loose from major bad habits and vices! He was so receptive, and already reports major changes, and a willingness to change. We praise God with him!

What a cause for rejoicing to see life changes in men’s lives – for good! He is even asking for special prayer because he would like to be more involved in ministry… this is the same man who has been known by some as one of the major persecutors of some of the people in our church in the past!

Wow, what a difference Jesus makes in our lives! 🙂

Men’s Meeting

I just got in this morning from another wonderful time together at the men’s breakfast at Moriones. I was amazed at the attendance, as someone reportedly counted 42 men who came!

Women’s Meeting

The women’s meeting a few days ago had around 30, which was also a good turnout, but I thought it was interesting that the men’s attendance is stronger than the women’s fellowship time there right now! That is quite unusual!

Their Commitment

Many of them are showing interest in the upcoming Encounter God Retreat this month, and God is really moving deeply in their lives. They were challenged this morning to be “Men of Promise”, and men of truth… It was awesome to hear most all of them expressing verbal commitment that to the best of their ability they were willing to commit themselves to be men of truth, worshipping God is spirit and in truth, living obediently according to the direction of God’s Word!

It was thrilling to hear so many voices agreeing together to live that kind of a lifestyle, with a desire to please the Lord, and live in the way he has promised to abundantly bless!

Interest – Spiritual Growth

Last night a number of young men met with Caleb here in Fairlane, and there is an amazing surge of interest among them, not only to learn how to play guitar but also for spiritual growth.

Also last night in Moriones there were around 50 people at the Friday night prayer meeting, many of them youth!! Praise God! What a wonderful activity for youth on a Friday night, instead of so many other things…

Wonderful Time

I got in around 12:30 a.m. this morning from a long trip (approx. 9 hrs, round trip) to Baguio to have a Bible study with one of the taxi drivers and his wife and several others there (see July 27 journal entry)…

It was a wonderful time together, and they seem so appreciative of our developing friendship. The taxi driver and his wife are reading “The Purpose Driven Life” book that I gave them. He is already in chapter 25, and they really seem to enjoy it. They are also seriously thinking about coming to the Encounter God Retreat this month… Praise God!

Even though I needed to get back up this morning in time to prepare, as well as be in Moriones by 7 a.m. (it is approx 45 min away)… the Lord continues to give supernatural strength in His service, and I rejoice!

Answer To Prayer

I thought an amazing answer to prayer was shared recently by a widow lady in one of our Bible studies… Not long ago he was crying and asking for prayer for her 3 sons who all needed work. They had not worked for quite some time, in the midst of their desperate situation and financial needs… She reported that they have jobs now…all 3 of her sons found work at different places the same week! What an awesome answer to pr ayer!

God is faithful! Glory to Jesus!

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