Youth meeting for prayer!

Prayer… at 4 a.m. in the mornings! :praise2

Enthusiasm For Prayer

They met last Sunday after the service and prayed together, and then stayed overnight at the church facility to be there for the early morning prayer time the next day. They prayed together for several hours in the morning. Then they did the same thing Monday night and Tuesday morning. This is spontaneously done on their parts, without legislation…

It is exciting to see continued enthusiasm for prayer, and for seeking daily encounters with the Lord, and not just at a retreat!

Praise God for spiritual growth, and demonstrations of their dedicated, passionate prayer, as these young men continue to diligently seek the Lord during early morning hours… (Sept 25-cont.)

I heard that these young men are reporting big differences in their lives. One of them was telling me yesterday that the other morning he had set his alarm for 4 a.m. when he got there to pray, found that the other 3 had already been praying since 3 o’clock! Amazing…! :praise2:

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