Recent retreat

At the last EGR we had there were many testimonies of God revealing himself to the people.

Bright Light

One man was kneeling down and suddenly he said he saw a bright light. He said it was like he knew Jesus was there. Being in the precence of Jesus caused him to realize that he was a sinner and needed forgiveness of sin. Soon as he asked forgiveness it was like his sins just fell away from him. He was a very shy man but immediately afterwards he came up to the mic and publically thanked Jesus and was bold in giving his testimony.

Completely Changed

Another man had just become a Christian a few months before the retreat. Before he had been a persecutor of the church, but now he is completely changed. Now he has been witnessing to his relatives and telling them that they need to get what he has. When he came back from the retreat he was very bold to give his testimony. When it came time, he was the first one up to the mic in both services. 🙂

He was also challenging the people to attend an EGR retreat because he was so excited about personally meeting with God.

Great Changes

One young man came back and with tears in his eyes told his mother that she needed to experience God like he had. Formerly this boy was a trouble maker. He would go to the disco places and start a fight. Now, his family told us that they see great changes in his life. He is no longer causing fights and he has a good attitude toward other people.

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