More spiritual babes! PTL! :praise2:

He had shared with them so much about how Jesus has changed his life, and has been praying for their salvation.

Receptive To The Gospel

Even in the midst of a busy harvest season, he came all the way here to Tarlac City so we could go visit them together. They were very open and receptive to the gospel message we shared with them, and wanted to pray to receive Jesus as Lord as Savior.

…Still, Have A Long Ways To Go

When I went back later in the evening to take them some Bibles, they seemed so-o appreciative. It is a big challenge, because the husband has been deeply involved in Spiritism for years, and doesn’t know the Bible well, but seems to think that their medium is giving messages that are Biblical…

Please be praying for us, as we try to rescue him from all of that. Praying to receive Jesus is the first step… we still have a long ways to go.

Every Soul Is Precious

We were excited yesterday morning when there were 3 people who wanted to accept the Lord in the Sunday services… these were all relatives of people already attending Bible studies (1 husband, and several sisters).

Also in the afternoon service, there was another one that wanted counseling for salvation.

Every soul is precious! We give the Lord praise for continued harvest…!

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