Polilio islands update…

It was exciting to hear of continued progress!

Enthusiastic Response

The pastor there in Guinaygayan where there was such an enthusiastic response to the Jesus film showing a month ago reports a very good response to their follow-up efforts.

“in Sun. service, home Bible Study, and Sunday School. More than 60 attendance in worship, 18 Home Bible studies (Tue-Fri)…many more people are interested in Home Bible studies…”

That seems to be a huge increase over what was happening around there before our visit (the pastor told us that previously there were only 4 families in the congregation)! PTL!

There is also continued follow-up being done in Norte, another village where we showed the Jesus film while we were there.

We are planning another trip there to Polilio next week with a team, to help consolidate some of the follow-up efforts, and possibly show the Jesus film some more… We are targeting a church plant there in Norte which will be called “Bridge to the Islands – NORTE”.

We will pursue facilitation of that church planting effort while we are there. The Lord seems to be definitely directing us that NOW is the time to reach the potential harvest there in those islands, so we are going for it…!

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