“O come let us adore Him… He is worthy!”

We loaded him into the car so that he was lying in the back seat, (with others crowded behind, around, and on top of the car).

Singing Along With The Christmas Tape

I had a Christmas tape playing, and when he heard the song “O All ye faithful..” as it got to the chorus – “O come let us adore him… and for He alone is worthy”. I heard Bro. Manalo very loudly trying his best to sing along with the tape! He still has a major speech impairment, but he was doing his best…

Worship Jesus

It really made the ride especially rewarding, as I could see and hear how much his heart was touched to be able to come with us to worship Jesus! If he could make such an effort to come with us and sing worship to Jesus, how much more should some of the rest of us be able to do who are not impaired!


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