Good news from Polilio!

I was delighted to hear that they had 30 people in attendance last Sunday, and are maintaining 9 Home Bible Studies (3 in the south, 3 in the main section, and 3 in the north). Praise God! I am so looking forward to visiting there again early next year, Lord willing.

It was also exciting to hear how the Lord is preparing that island (the island of Patnanugan) for harvest.

Ripe For The Harvest

Recently because of the typhoon activity in the area, there were relief goods channeled to the island through Operation Blessing/700 club. Apparently, millions of pesos of goods were donated to help the poor, and the minister helping us plant the new BTTI church in Norte was a key contact there to help channel the relief goods (rice, sugar, sardines, noodles, etc) Around 15,000 people around the island were blessed through this relief effort. The people’s hearts are very touched and ripe for harvest…

May the Lord help us to move into the fields and reap while the harvest is ripe… :praise2:

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