1 more soul for Jesus..! :praise2:

expressed thankfulness for the message, and wanted to pray to receive the Lord as Savior! Glory to Jesus! Each soul is precious to Jesus, and we praise the Lord for each new believer! :praise2:

Wise Man

The theme this morning was “Wise men still seek Him”, and we talked about what it means to be a wise man. At the end of the meeting, I mentioned that the first step in becoming a wise man is to receive the Lord…..

What a joy it was to see someone respond to that blessed opportunity!

It was also a thrill to hear one of the men who recently completed Level 1 leadership training class there in Moriones shortly before the New Year, say that he was going to make a follow-up contact with this new man today.

As I left the building, another man who also just recently completed the training class, was already sitting there at the table, 1 on 1 explaining further what salvation is all about to the new man… Glory to Jesus!

It’s fun to catch men-fish for Jesus..!

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