More Harvest…! :praise2:

Shortly before Christmas, a spin-off/extension Bible study conducted around 45 minutes from here in an out-lying area by one of our team produced some amazing results.

Wedding → Bible Study

Instead of having a worldly, wedding dinner celebration before the wedding, the bride-to-be wanted to have a Bible study, and expose her friends and relatives to the gospel…

The worker reported that 5 people wanted to pray to receive the Lord at the Bible study! Glory to Jesus!!!!! :praise2:


A number of months ago an optometrist doctora began attending the services, and Bible studies here in Tarlac City.

Over a period of time, almost all of the people working in her office have become Christians.

She plans to attend our upcoming EGR (Encounter God Retreat, Jan.21,22), but since that is also the weekend of her birthday, she intends to celebrate her birthday one week early.

E – Party

Would you like to know how she has chosen to celebrate this coming weekend? She wants to have an evangelism party, where she can introduce more of her friends and relatives to the Lord! More glory to Jesus!! :praise2:

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