Encouraging progress with barangay captain!

Been having regular Bible studies with him now for quite some time. He came to the EGR last weekend. Today as we were having Bible Study at his house, he was sharing about how happy he was to be able to attend the EGR, and the joy he experienced.

It was one of the special highlights of the retreat for me, to see his simple, childlike reception to the messages, although he is getting quite elderly already…

What a joy it was to see him whole-heartedly entering into the worship times.

He was elected Outstanding Barangay Captain for 2004 (out of the 76 city zones of Tarlac City), so the Lord has blessed him with significant influence, and he gives God the glory…

He seems to still have ways to go in totally breaking loose from bondages, but we praise God for lots of progress..!

More Bible Studies!

We continue to marvel at open doors of opportunity to share the gospel!

At one of the places, there seemed to such a hunger for teaching about the Lord, and the host asked if we could bring 15-20 extra chairs along with us for the Bible study next week…

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