Reading the Bible through…

This year! Looks like at least dozen or so are currently at least on schedule, if not ahead… I came across several outstanding reports this week.

Mother of 12 Children

The son of an elderly lady in Moriones (mother of 12 children) showed me his mother’s Bible reading schedule today, and she already had marked off the WHOLE NEW TESTAMENT, and was already reading in I SAMUEL, and it’s not even the end of January yet!

Taxi Driver

At the Bible study in Baguio Fri night I as amazed to hear that the taxi driver (after he accepted the Lord, we started a follow-up Bible study with him and his wife, which includes others…) was already in Samuel, and John… He got his Bible reading schedule several weeks earlier, and had already read all the way from Genesis to Samuel, and Matthew to around the middle of John.

Glory to Jesus!

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