Another awesome, exciting testimony! :praise2:

Narcisso (the son) told me the peaceful events of her home-going…

Narcisso came to the Lord last year. His mother prayed to receive the Lord around 4 months ago, or so, and was there at the Bible Study that Colleen led in her daughters’ home last week.

Last Night…

Being quite elderly, she has seemed to get progressively weaker for quite some time now. It was the Lord’s time to take her home. As I was talking with Narcisso this afternoon, I was amazed at his joyful praise, and exuberant spirit. It was very outstanding, at such a time! He wanted me to sit down, and excitedly told me all about what happened last night. I’ll try to briefly summarize…

“Jesus, My Jesus”

He was all alone there with his mother shortly before her deceased… they prayed together, and she had “Jesus, my Jesus” praise on her lips, as she drifted to sleep. He soon noticed her breathing was short, and being quite alarmed, went to gather the rest of the relatives together, who were there in waiting.

Amazing Thing Happened

When he returned, she had already stopped breathing, there was no pulse, and her body was already cold. He impulsively grabbed her up in his arms, and fervently prayed for life to come back into her body, IN JESUS NAME! And the most amazing thing happened!

Breathing Again

She began breathing again, and her body became warm! He joyfully exclaimed, and praised the Lord, and burst forth with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving right there before the rest of the amazed relatives who witnessed it also! What am an outstanding miracle!

Time To Go Home

After awhile she opened her eyes looked around at everybody, then at her son Narcisso, closed her eyes, took a deep peaceful breath, let it out.. and was gone!

It was quite a testimony to the relatives, who had observed other agonizing and tormented deaths that were so different than that…

Big Difference Jesus Makes

It was a wonderful opportunity for Narcisso to give testimony to them of the big difference Jesus makes in peoples lives! HALLELUJAH! :praise2:

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