47 men at the all-day Men’s retreat!

We had a great turnout (47 which included young men as well) for our “FAITHFUL MAN” Men’s Retreat! There were even 5 who attended from Patnanugan, Polilio Islands (about 12 hours away).

Proverbs 28:20

Our theme verse was Prov. 28:20 “A faithful man shall abound with blessings”, and we considered different aspects of our lives in which we need to demonstrate faithfulness…

United Faith Declaration

What was very rewarding for me was to hear the men shouting a united faith declaration together at the closing session. In response to the question “Are you willing to be a faithful man?” the thundering response was… “AMEN, WE ARE WILLING TO BE FAITHFUL!” Glory to Jesus!

Question And Answer

In fact, the closing session before dinner was hard to stop, because there was a lot of participation during the Question and Answer time, with so many questions… (after sitting there hour after hour already, it seemed that they hardly wanted to stop)

Praise God for receptive and teachable hearts! :praise2:

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