I was especially blessed with several of the testimonies, that I will briefly share with you.

Boat Owner → Sharing The Gospel

One man (his name is Midel, a boat owner who now helps us with some of our transportation needs there in the Polilio Islands as a service to the Lord) came a two days journey (back and forth) to attend the retreat. He talked of some of the amazing changes in his life, and how he is now sharing the gospel with others. Not being completely honest with his wife about their finances before the retreat, he returns to relate differently.

Motorcycle Owner → Led People To The Lord

Another man from the islands (Bro. Buds, who has a motorcycle there, and also helps with transportation needs) got up and told how that before we visited the Islands, he wasn’t very active in serving the Lord… but since our visit last October, he has led around 50 to the Lord!

Attendance: 20-30 → 60-70+

One of the pastors from there in the Islands (Past Eliezar from Guinaygayen) told testimony how before our visit there were around 20-30 attending the services, with 4 Bible studies. Now there are around 60-70+ (actually in the written report he showed me today he showed over 80 the last 3 Sundays) with 23 Bible studies!

Great Harvest

Another pastor (Pastor Willy, who has been assisting us with the new church plant in Norte) told of the great harvest there, with over 100 attending Bible studies on a weekly basis in the 10 Bibles studies, as well as around twice that many that have accepted the Lord, but who are not regular attenders yet.

Land Donated

They confirmed the report that the Barangay of Norte (that is one of the geographical zones there, which includes 5 villages) is donating Bridge to the Islands some land to build a church facility!

We’re so excited! This is basically an unreached area, with no other churches that I am aware of, except Catholic! Praise God! We give God glory! :praise2:

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