Awesome Easter weekend! :praise:

Some estimated well over 500 people in attendance! When we gave them the opportunity to pray to accept the Lord, so many people responded, it almost seemed like the miraculous catch of fish as recorded in the Bible, under Jesus direction. It was hard to get decision cards, Bibles, and follow up materials into the hands of everyone, but we gave our best shot with the limited help we had.

We Tried Counting

We were counting the number of decision cards that we were able to gather today, hoping to follow up this week as best we can in the midst of everything. We were amazed to find that between the response from the film showing, as well as those that came forward at the Easter Sunday morning service we had a total of 69 cards! :praise: Glory to Jesus!

Pastor Steve Jaquith

It was wonderful to have Pastor Steve Jaquith (from our home church in the US) join us this Easter, and his ministry here among us has been a special blessing!

Praise for the provided facility

We also give praise for the facility the Lord provided for our Easter service! It seemed like a miraculous answer to prayer to us! We’ve been earnestly looking to the Lord for direction regarding what to do about the growing facilitation needs. We were so blessed when we were able to rent a nearby High School social hall that was able to adequately seat the approx 200+- people in attendance. What a glorious time it was! HALLELUJAH! :praise2: :praise2: :praise2:

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