Bible reading continues!

I heard that while he was on a well-deserved break and get-away time this last week, he read almost all the way through the New Testament during that time (from Matt clear to Jude – didn’t get Revelation). It was exciting to see him come back home so physically and spiritually recharged!

And Counting!

The count yesterday in the services showed that at least around 2 dozen or more are current with their Bible reading schedules in their goal to read all the way through the Bible this year. One lady in the Easter service testified to already finishing reading it through this year.

Heard from another one yesterday that they have not only read it through already, but have also read the New Testament again and are up to Job in the Old Testament for the 2nd time!

Praise the Lord for those who are diligently studying His Word! May we all show our love and appreciation for the Word by not neglecting it, but by reading it, and applying it to our lives..

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