91 women at “Faithful woman” retreat!:praise:

The Lord has been doing in the hearts of those who attended the all-day women’s retreat at Peniel Prayer Mt yesterday!

Job Well Done

Colleen’s ministry input was OUTSTANDING! She did EXCELLENT work – and deserves public honor and appreciation for a job well done!

Renewed Determination

There are many ladies that report their lives being greatly impacted, and they now seem to have renewed determination to be faithful women, no matter what…! Some were laughing and crying today, sharing from their hearts their deep appreciation for changes they are experiencing already. Some even testify to healings. They seem to have learned a lot, and be eagerly wanting to put those things into practice.

Team Effort

There were 4 men who also attended the retreat to assist with cooking and ministry and driving, including myself. It was a real team effort! I can say from first-hand experience that it was a very impressive time!


In the Moriones service this afternoon there were around 15 women who came to the mic to willingly share testimonies, as well as a number of testimonies also in the Tarlac City service this morning!

Pray With Us

We give the Lord praise for His faithfulness and help, and pray that in time these “Faithful Man” and “Faithful Woman” retreats can be multiplied throughout this nation, as well as other places! The fruit of this special emphasis on being faithful is GOOD!

With God’s Help

In the last session last night, almost all (possibly ALL) of the women in attendance willingly declared that “With God’s help, they would be a faithful woman”!

It was wonderful to hear the sound of around 90 women joining their voices together to give the Lord His proper place in their lives in that way! Hallelujah! :praise:

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