Praise God for a fruitful day! More souls for Jesus! :praise:

Pray with quite a few to receive the Lord today.

After a workers training meeting, I had a chance to also attend 3 Bible studies there in Moriones. There were 4 ladies in the first one that wanted to pray to receive the Lord.

The meeting in the last home was a request for a house cleansing, along with a desire to also begin weekly Bible studies. Before we prayed to dedicate the home and ask for spiritual cleansing – we gave them opportunity to first of all have spiritual cleansing in their lives, and receive the Lord as Savior. There were around 5 that wanted to pray to receive the Lord. Several of them seemed to be praying the prayer of acceptance for the first time. The others had apparently done it before, but not really understood it well until tonight. They seemed to be so happy!

Praise God for receptive hearts, and more souls for the kingdom of God!

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