Discipleship / Leadership training – Polilio

Polilio, to help facilitate the growing ministry needs there. On this last trip, I estimated approx 20 hours spent in special equipping and training sessions.

Vision For Reaching The Islands

I’m thankful for the team the Lord is providing, and for the increased unity together as we spent important times together communicating, and clarifying the vision for reaching those islands with the gospel.

The Outpouring Of God’s Spirit

One evening it was already quite late. That day we had spent several hours together for a training session in the morning. Then many of them went with me to Guinagayen for a baptismal service there, which was about a 6-hour effort including the boat ride back and forth.

Then that evening we had another 2 hour session, after which I was tempted to dismiss the session because of our weariness, but the Lord seemed to lead me to extend the session for any that wanted to continue to pray and seek God…

Without exception, they all stayed longer, and although one left before too long, most of us had another wonderful 45 minutes or so together, praying and seeking God and crying out to Him… Some were weeping, some were shaking…! It was an amazing time of special outpouring of God’s Spirit…

The presence of the Lord was there in such an awesome, powerful way. Even by 10:30 pm it was hard for some to want to leave…

Praise God for times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord!

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