More exciting testimonies

Today in the Sunday services.. one of the young men, who recently graduated from High School shared a special testimony. He hasn’t been a Christian very long himself, but recently started a youth Bible Study group (“flame”).

His Testimony

At one of them within the last few weeks, one of his friends asked him about salvation, and wanted to pray with him to accept the Lord! He also testified about his mother who had been sick, asking him to pray for her. After he prayed for her, she claimed to be healed.

It’s exciting to see more of the youth getting involved in helping lead Bible studies with their friends, under the leadership and oversight of Caleb.

Many Hands Were Raised

In the services today I asked for a show of hands as to how many of them had prayed with people to receive the Lord recently, as well as seen special answers to prayer like healing, provision, etc. I was AMAZED at how many hands were raised! Praise God!

Her Second Bible Reading Schedule

After the service this afternoon one of the elderly ladies showed me her SECOND Bible reading schedule she has completely checked off… since around the beginning of this year!

That’s right, she’s read all the way through the Bible 2 times already! Wow… kinda puts some of the rest of us to shame.. Lord help us!

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