Youth on fire!

Wow! Testimonies from the youth in the services today were really amazing! In both services they kept streaming forward to give testimonies for well over an hour in each place!

These are some of the kinds of things they were sharing: about being filled with the Spirit and speaking in tongues; sensing the presence of the Lord and being so blessed and happy; determination to totally surrender to the Lord in all areas of their lives and live wholeheartedly for Him; answers to prayer; special ways the Lord provided for them to attend; different things they learned; things the Lord was speaking to their hearts; appreciation for the love of God; determination to continue in ministry; desires to receive further training; changes in their lives, and increased boldness to share the gospel; etc..

One young man is finally getting into reading his Bible. I won’t soon forget a little high school girl standing there this morning with tears streaming down her face, talking about how great it was to experience the presence of the Lord!

Glory to Jesus! May revival fires continue to burn and spread to others…

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