Revival continues to spread

I heard some wonderful reports today of the youth service in Moriones last night!

Apparently, there was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. It sounded like a continuation of the youth retreat! The youth were on their knees praying and crying out to the Lord, and the Lord blessed them with a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The youth that were at the retreat went and laid hands on the others that didn’t attend, and prayed for them. Soon many of the rest of them were filled with the Spirit, and speaking in tongues, etc… They said it was a wonderful time!

One young man got up in the service and testified that he had learned at the youth retreat about getting rid of his vices and living a holy life, and was determined to do so – asking for their prayer. One of the workers went to some of the young men in the back with some prophetic ministry, and before long they also were on their knees, purposing to give up vices, and even speaking in tongues!

May the consuming fire of God’s Holy Spirit continue to burn brightly in the lives of the youth, and do His awesome and mighty works for His glory!

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