Family spared from plane crash!

A key family actively involved in the church plant in Norte, Polilio left for a vacation to the Palawan Islands recently. Around a week ago we got an excited phone call from them. They were sharing how that they were unexpectedly delayed in their plans to fly to Palawan, and missed the flight as well as the family reunion.

However, it turned out to be a big blessing, and the Lord worked it together for good. The twin engine plane that they had planned to travel on crashed and killed the passengers aboard. They were rejoicing in the Lord’s sovereign protection, and that their lives were spared!

This week they are ministering to their relatives there in Palawan, and sharing some of the EGR teaching and training that they have received and are excited so about. Praise God for His protection for them and their 2 children!

Praise God also for willing workers that He is raising up to share His Word among the Islands! Glory!

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