Thrilling Bible study group report!

A Bible study group started up around 1 year ago, with one of the girls from our church.

The first meeting included herself, a backslider lady from work, and one of the women who assists us in the ministry here. The regular Bible Study grew to include another lady who worked with her who at the time wasn’t actively serving the Lord.

Others from work were also interested to attend, and before long 3 others from work who hadn’t yet accepted the Lord, also wanted to pray to receive the Lord. They have continued to have wonderful times at work talking about the Bible, and even reading and sharing and witnessing while they work.

Recently, their manager saw some of the Bible Study materials for the week about “Wrath/Anger, and since she was experiencing problems in her home, asked for there to be a Bible study in her home, too. So, this last week there was a new Bible study in the manager’s home. In the process, the manager also wanted to pray to receive the Lord!

Now, ALL of the ones that work in their shop (Optic City, at a mall here in Tarlac City)… all 7 are professing Christians! The manager is now asking for regular monthly Bible Studies, and there is talk of other ones opening…

Praise God for multiplication of fruit for His glory! May it continue to increase…

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