More souls…!

We are hearing of many who attended the “Soul-winning Seminar” praying with others to receive the Lord last week! Praise God for more souls being harvested for the glory of God!


A man shared that the “Soul-winning Seminar” brought “revival to his soul”! He was able to once again pray with several for salvation last week, after not leading others to accept the Lord for quite some time.

Witnessing at a funeral

Another man attended a funeral wake, and had a chance to share the gospel with relatives and friends as they were sitting there by the casket of the deceased man. A son of the deceased man, and 4 of his daughters wanted to pray to receive the Lord, along with several others.

Vision for souls

At the optical shop at the mall, they reported around 8 or more that wanted to pray to receive the Lord just last week, as many were witnessed to Reportedly, when customers get their eyes checked, some of the workers often take advantage of that time to share the gospel, with amazing receptivity. Witnessing continues this week as well, with a number of them planning to go to the plaza Fri. eve to share the gospel, and get more practice in sharing what they have learned…

It’s harvest time!

It’s hard to trace and track everything that is going on, but I’m sure that the Lord is keeping good records, because every soul is precious in His sight! We trust and pray that people making decisions for Christ will be led to continue on to become committed disciples, and fruitful Christians for His glory!

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