Neighbor accepts the Lord!

So happy to report that a neighbor that lives just down the street from us began attending Sunday services three weeks ago. Two Sunday’s ago, he publicly came forward at the end of the service to pray to receive the Lord. As we have continued to follow him up, it has been exciting to see his hunger and growth.


We just visited him today, and he is reading chapter 29 of the “Purpose Driven Life” book already. He says that this is this first time in his life that he has read a book about God like this. He seems to be enjoying it very much! He testifies to being so much happier and peaceful, and is experiencing life changes for the good.


He is a retired “intelligence” officer in the armed forces. He began coming to the Sunday service because of a simple, neighborly contact and invitation to attend, as we went down the street passing out invitational flyers. Praise God!

We hope and pray for hundreds more to be harvested, and rescued from a sinful life-style that need to experience the saving power of the gospel…

Today we learned that before he began attending the services, he was considering shooting somebody because they had killed his cow, but now his thinking has been radically changed… Glory to Jesus!

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