Another awesome Encounter God Retreat!

WOW! Praise God for faithful answers to prayer! We are hearing many testimonies of praise to the for awesome, life-changing times in the presence of the Lord!

Turn around breakthrough

After the service this morning one of the men told us that from now on, for the rest of his life, he is willing to be committed to serve the Lord, and to submit to the Lordship of Jesus. This same man had been struggling and in a backslidden condition for quite some time, so we are so happy that he seems to be sincerely repentent, and returning to the Lord. Hallelujah!

Neighbor attends EGR

Within the last few months, a neighbor man responded not only to an invitation to visit our Sunday service, but has since then prayed to receive the Lord and continues to attend services. He’s read the Purpose Driven Life book already, and seemed to greatly enjoy coming to the EGR. Last night on the way home, he was telling me that he felt newborn, and brand new! We got home late last night. After only a short time of rest, I was pleasantly surprised to see him there punctually at the service this morning along WITH HIS WIFE! As he shook hands with me after the service, he was apologizing because his wife hadn’t responded when there was opportunity given to pray to receive the Lord this morning, but since this was just her first time to come, he hoped that she would accept the Lord next week! EXCITING!

Presence of the Lord!

There were a number of excited testimonies about experiencing the powerful presence of the Lord at the retreat, and what a difference that is making in their lives (i.e. changes, empowerment and strength, encouragement, boldness, renewed zeal and commitment, etc..) Glory to Jesus!

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