Merry Christmas…! (testimonies)

Christmas Services in Norte and Guinagayen, Polillio Islands

Last weekend we had special Christmas celebrations on the island of Patnanungan. It was exciting to see the joy and appreciation of the people there. Reportedly, 10 new ones prayed to receive the Lord. That included an 18-year-old young man that we hired to guide us on a hike to Guinagayen because the weather was so bad that we couldn’t go there by boat.

Unforgettable trip to Guinagayen

Not wanting to disappoint their expectation of our presence to assist with their special Christmas service, we decided to join them by hiking there…

We heard of a shortcut trail through the jungle that was supposed to get us directly there in an hour or two… Well, after about 2 hours of slipping and sliding in the mud up and down hill, across rice fields, etc., we found that we were still only around 1/2 way there! It took us around 3 1/2 hours of hiking to make it!

I was amazed at Cassia and Charity’s stamina and adventuresome attitudes, as they walked hour after hour, often barefoot on the muddy trails (because it was too slick to keep their slippers on), to get there and back. They get the “slip n slide” honorary award of the century as far as I’m concerned! (I think you would agree with me if you saw their scratched and battered feet!)

The people were so amazed and appreciative that we were willing to do that, to join their Christmas service, carrying costumes for the skit, packs. etc.. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the service! Even though the round trip there and back took around 6 hours, it was very much worth it, to help extend the kingdom and it was a wonderful privilege and joy to share the gospel… Glory to God!

Christmas Service – Tarlac City

We had a wonderful, united Christmas celebration here in Tarlac City today, as the congregation in Moriones joined us! It was thrilling to see the skit and musical drama centered in the birth of Christ. We were able to meet in an auditorium that had a stage and curtains, and it was really impressive to see and hear the joyful gospel message of Christmas actually on Christmas day! The service was well attended, and we were blessed! Hallelujah!

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