A lawyers advice…!

“What would you advise me to do…?

He Was So Hungry

That was an exciting question a lawyer asked me today! We were having lunch together. We made plans to get together today when we met earlier this week to get some documents notarized, and I found that he was interested in learning more about what it really means to be a Christian. He was so hungry to know more about the gospel message, it was really FUN!

…When He Learned The Truth

Until this time he had been trying to live good, and do good to people, but with no assurance of eternal life. When he learned the truth, and how that it is not by good works, but salvation comes through faith in Jesus and receiving Him, he was extremely interested and attentive… He wanted to go home and share the things we talked about with his wife.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging

Although our car was parked in such a way that we needed to leave the restaurant before finishing our discussion about how to receive Jesus, and he needed to get back to work, he continued to show persistent desire to know more as we drove back…”Don’t leave me hanging” he asked I continued to explain more about the plan of salvation, and he seems anxious to get together again to learn more about it, along with his wife next time.

What a delight! Praise God for divine appointments, and opportunities to lead people to Jesus!

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