Attorney’s family impacted by the gospel!

Recently we were in contact with a local attorney on some business…Due to his interest in knowing more about the gospel, we have had some more times together, discussing the message of salvation, and sharing with him and his family “The Purpose Driven Life” book. Last night he was telling me that he has not only read over halfway through the book himself, but his wife and secretary are also reading it… In fact, he has shared several “Purpose Driven Life” books containing Scripture passages taken from the book with other attorneys in his office, who also seem to be enjoying them. In fact, he said that he has 3 bookmarks in his book that he keeps in his office… his bookmark, his secretary’s, and he doesn’t even know who the other one belongs to… (his wife is reading another “Purpose Driven Life” book in their home) God’s Word is powerful! We are happy that they seem eager to spend more time with us and come to a better understanding of the gospel… Hallelujah!

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