More baptized in Polilio!

On our recent trip to Polillio, we were able to baptize 5 in the ocean, after our service in our new outreach church plant in Busdoc! PTL!

Even though a spectator made a sarcastic comment about the “crazy people” out in the water with up raised hands outstretched to the Lord in prayer, the newly baptized seem undaunted and continue to be enthusiastic…

On our way back to the shore several were making comments about the vices and bad habits they were planning to stop. Then several days later, following a campground workers training session by the seashore back in Poblacion, 2 more of those aspiring to be assisting with the work in Norte also wanted to be baptized, so we had another spontaneous baptismal service, and baptized them also, bringing the total baptized on that trip to 7.

Glory to Jesus!

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