Encouraging reports from Bible study groups last week

One of our neighbors that is attending the weekly Bible study in our home mentioned that someone was telling him not to come, or to be involved with us, but he said that it was his decision and that he wants to come because he is learning a lot. Praise God!

He’s coming from a very long background of Catholicism as well as dis-interest in spiritual matters. Now he seems to be very interested, and has been reading the Purpose Driven Live book. Not only is he being blessed by that book, but since he owns a computer shop, … he is putting quotations from the book on posters and taping them to the rows of computers in his shop for clients to see! Praise God for the power of His word!

We also heard some other very encouraging reports of continued interest and involvement in several of the other Bible study groups! May it continue to multiply greatly for the glory of the Lord!

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