Guard receives Bible

Recently when in another city, we rented an apartment for several days, and had contact with one of the supervising guards that was employed there.

He became very interested in our discussion about the Lord, and I was able to give him an extra New Testament I had along with me. He has belonged to a religious system that has not encouraged him to have his own Bible, or read it for himself… Rather, they just teach it to him, and he seemed to be ignorant of so many things in the Bible. He was delighted to receive his own Bible. He began immediately to read it that very day, and excitedly told me about some of the things he had read when I saw him the next day. Yesterday, when I checked up on him by phone, he is still reading. He said he finished the book of John, and is reading Matthew now. He seems interested in getting together for more instruction, as well as to ask questions…

Praise the Lord for exposure to those that are hungry and thirsty for God’s Word!

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