Good news about guide…

I heard a good report today about the guide who assisted us last Christmas time (to review, see December 25 MERRY CHRISTMAS – testimonies entry) when we were there in Polillio.

Christmas Service In A Stormy Weather

Because of stormy weather, we needed to hike instead of going by boat to another village on the island of Patnanungan to minister at a special Christmas service there.

The guide helped us travel the slippery jungle trail for around 3 1/2 hours to get there… much of that time going barefooted because of muddy conditions. He also attended the service, and when there was opportunity given to pray to receive the Lord, he was among those who came forward and publicly acknowledge their desire to repent, believe, and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

I heard that last Sunday he was at the service there in Norte , and publicly gave testimony about when he accepted the Lord at the Christmas service. He is not only beginning to get involved in the services, but assisting with the formation of a youth group, and may even be coming to Tarlac City this week with several others to attend our Music Clinic that is being held here to help raise up more musicians and worshipers!

Gifted Singer

He is a uniquely and naturally gifted singer that sings like a songbird! We were amazed at him as he obviously loved to sing his way along the jungle trails! We are excited about his continued interest in serving the Lord!

I can hardly wait to hear him singing songs of worship and praise, instead of the many worldly songs from the past…

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