Some special testimonies!

Stroke victim healing

She’s Now Walking

Heard testimony today about a woman who had a stroke around 5 months ago. She was paralyzed and could not walk. Several Sunday’s ago her husband came to one of the services there in Polillio. He asked for special prayer for her. Last Sunday she came to church already… WALKING! PTL!

More about our guide…

If you have followed the testimony about the guide who helped us to go to the Christmas service at Guinagayen there in the Polillio Islands over the slippery jungle trails, you will especially be interested in his continued testimony.

Last week he came with several others from Polillio to the Music Clinic here in Tarlac City to visit us (it takes about 1 day of travel to get here). He received musical training at our music workshops Anna is making available at our church, to help raise up more musicians. He was delighted to be here with us, and while he was here we were able to share more follow-up principles from God’s Word in helping his understanding grow, and pray with him for deliverance from vices, etc…

Today, I heard that when he went back to the Polillio Islands over the weekend, he got up and sang a special song at the church service, and gave a long testimony about the change that is happening in his life, and deliverance from vices, etc.. PTL! The people there were amazed, and seemed to enjoy it a lot! God is a God of miracles!

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