Summer music workshop

The grand finale of our summer music workshop this week was impressive!

Anna blended it with the youth service outdoors at our office (which helped to avoid the intense heat, since we don’t have an air conditioner there). Then once again the recital was repeated last night in another location (Moriones) at our outreach church facility. It was thrilling to see how Anna, and some of the rest of the family team and workers here have taken around 18-20 students or so that had little or no musical skills or training, and helped them to become confident and practiced enough to do 3 instrumental numbers and 1 choir number together.

Worthy Endeavor

The music clinic was conducted in the afternoons here for the last week and a half. In spite of the intense heat and obstacles, they persevered and persisted in their worthy endeavor. They had fun as well!

Joyful Noise

One of their numbers was called the bucket number… They took sticks and beat on buckets and tubs and whatever and definitely made a joyful noise… It was a beautiful sight to see around 10 girls playing the two keyboards we had available – all at the same time, and in unison, along with around 8 or 9 guitars – plunking out the chords together to the songs as Anna sang…

It was amazing to see Anna directing their choir number, helping them to know whether to sing their notes going up or down by the movement of her hand, for some who may never have known how to even carry a tune in a bucket before…

They were all quite pleased with themselves, and I’m sure the Lord must have been very pleased 🙂

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