“It’s a headliner…!”

Monday I was there near the beach in Patnanungan, Polillio Islands, sharing a Bible study with some that had gathered in one of the Nippa huts along the beach.

Joined For The First Time

It was our second Bible study with a couple there, and another man joined for the first time. The study was based in the book of John, chapters 1,2, and part of 3. After sharing the gospel with him, the visitor wanted to pray to receive the Lord.


After he prayed I asked him some questions to see if he had come to an assurance of salvation through faith in Jesus, not dependent on works. He gave positive testimony that he now had assurance of eternal life.

Good News

When I asked him if that was GOOD NEWS, he looked at me with a smile, gave me an excited “high-5” hand clap, and said, “IT’S A HEADLINER!!” Exciting! I won’t forget that for awhile! The good news we share really does deserve the HEADLINES, doesn’t it?

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