PTL! Miraculous answer to prayer

Colleen gave a testimony in the service last week about a very special answer to prayer!


For many months she has been having major problems with pain in her neck due to disk and improper curvature of the spine difficulties. When she was in the States, she underwent many traction treatments. Upon returning here to the Philippines in Aug, she has still been in a lot of pain.

The Lord’s Finger

A few weeks ago, she was so miserable after getting up one morning for family devotions, she didn’t even attend our workers’ meeting, but just went back to bed, putting ice on her neck because of the severe pain…

At our meeting, we joined together in prayer for this special need, interceding together for this problem… Several workers gave testimony to simultaneous visions of the Lord’s fingers at work on her spine. Upon arriving home that morning, Colleen was talking about how much better her neck felt, and we were delighted with God’s answer even while we were praying…

Big Difference

Over the last several weeks, she has noticed such a big difference, and we continue to believe for the manifestation of total healing in Jesus name! She says that it is miraculous… there is no other explanation for how much better she feels now than God’s miraculous answer!

Thank You

Glory to Jesus! Special thanks to all of you also who have been joining us in prayer for this need!

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