Progress in Polilio!

Earlier this week I just got back from another trip to Polillio with a small team.

Major Progress

We are excited to report major progress in the development of our mission base there. Several buildings are under construction, and many people in the church fellowship are volunteering assistance with clearing land, helping with construction, etc…

Many hours have been invested already in clearing and cleaning by hand the premises inch by inch with machete’s,… It is a beautiful piece of property that the Lord has provided, and we look forward to the many ways that it will be used for God’s glory!

A Vision Of Many Bridges

While there, we had a prayer meeting on the hillside overlooking one of the construction sites, and a beautiful view of the ocean. As we prayed together for the islands and unreached, the Lord impressed one of our team members with a vision of many bridges starting from there, and reaching out to other islands…

May the Lord fulfill that vision in his timing and way for His glory! There are many unreached villages among the islands around there that do not even have one church. We pray that many workers will be raised up and trained to help plant a church in every unreached area.

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