7 more baptized last sunday!

We just finished a 6 week evangelism emphasis last Sunday with at our mission base in Norte, Patnanungan, 7 more were baptized! We rejoice in each one that gave public testimony of receiving Jesus as Lord, and were willing to personally obey the clear instructions of Scripture regarding baptism.

Totally Free

One elderly man of around 65 years old gave testimony before being baptized of deliverance from vices (he was a chain smoker before for many years, smoking around 2 1/2 packs a day). He is now totally free. He has used the Word of God as his weapon in temptation, and has already read the whole Bible several times, and who knows how much in just the New Testament. Several elderly ladies that were baptized happily danced for joy in the water afterwards.

Cement Water Holding Tank

We were thankful to be able to use a cement water holding tank we had built nearby, since it was dangerous to baptize there in the ocean because of stinging jellyfish this time of year.

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