Just in time…

I heard an exciting testimony from one of the workers at our discipleship mtg this afternoon! Her Auntie had a stroke and was in a coma. She felt so impressed to go see her and pray with her for salvation. She was there with her Auntie most of the day yesterday. As she talked and prayed with her, she asked her Auntie to show some kind of response that she heard her, but there were none.

Last Signs

Finally, she shared about the Lord, and asked her Auntie to pray along with her to receive Jesus. Once again she asked her Auntie for some kind of sign of response if she had prayed along with her to accept Jesus as her Savior. This time, her Auntie opened one of her eyes and tried to talk… Then she became very still, and those were some of the last signs of life before she passed away today.

Now Is The Time

The Bible says, “Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation!” Praise God for His merciful kindness extended to another precious soul before it was too late!

This is an awesome testimony of God’s grace and merciful provision of salvation in the nick of time! God is so good, and greatly to be praised!

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