Miraculous testimony report

Recently a visiting pastor in our services shared an exciting testimony of the Lord raising him from the dead, several years ago. It was very interesting to hear the confirming witness from his wife’s perspective as well.

Several years ago he was clinically dead. He died in the hospital, after being confined for a number of days in very critical condition, and in need of a respirator to survive. The Dr. pronounced him dead. They unhooked him from the life support equipment, and his wife left the hospital to go home and get his clothes for the burial while his body was transported to a nearby town in preparations for the funeral. The house was already being prepared for the viewing, like they do here in the Philippines. Apparently, he was dead for approx. 6 hours, and shortly before they planned to have him embalmed, he revived!

Not only did he come back to life, but he was healed. It is an amazing, wonderful miracle, and this pastor is kind of like a present day, living and walking Lazarus that continues to declare the faithfulness and resurrection power of Jesus!-

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